Thomas Jakubicka

The use of OpenStreetMap Data in Journey Planning

An Example from Railway Routing


The continually improving accuracy, grade of detail and completeness in OSM data on the one hand and the always rising demand for data with higher information density, has drawn the attention of public transport operators and autorities towards OSM. Furthermore open governmental data becomes more and more important to public transport services and the idea of OSM supplements this approach.

Mentz Datenverarbeitung (mdv) is developing journey planning systems and therefore has recently implemented the support of OSM data into their systems. A key aspect of journey planning is the georeferencing of the data in a GIS. In this talk the various aspects of railway and tramway routing will be presented. The intention is, to take the example of rail-bound routing and discuss the challenges as well as the benefits of OSM data for public transport and the implications for the different stakeholders: public transport providers, public transport users and the broad OpenStreetMap community.

About the author

Thomas Jakubicka is responsible for Project Management at Mentz Datenverarbeitung. He is especially involved in many projects related to OSM.