Dennis Luxen

Everything But Directions

All the Other Exciting Things You Can Do With Routing


The talk explores the benefits of a state-of-the-art routing engine that go beyond the means to get simple driving or walking directions. We explore how routing is used as a building block not only to sophisticated data analysis but also in other new and exciting areas. Whether it is applied to calcaluate the walkability of neighborhoods, the matching of riders and drivers for carpooling, or even the monitoring for vandalism in the OpenStreetMap database, among a couple of further use cases. And in many cases these questions can even be answered in real-time without any noticeable delay, delivering a superior performance.

With the challenge of handling an ever-growing data set, it is important to use methods that handle data efficiently and can keep up with the data growth and change rates. The talk shows the combination of algorithm engineering, originated in the fundamental research of academia, and the crowd-sourced data of OpenStreetMap delivers not only superior features but also a superior user experience.

About the author

Dennis Luxen, the lead developer of Open Source Routing Machine, a high-performance routing engine, is an algorithm engineer at heart. He holds a MSc as well as a PhD in computer science. His work focuses on highly scalable route planning mapping services. Dennis is currently working at Mapbox.