Thilo Stapff; Johannes Bouchain


Using the OSM software for mapping a fictional planet


Opengeofiction is a collaborative platform for the creation of fictional maps, founded in using the OSM software stack. In this presentation, we want to describe our motivation for working with fictional maps, our fictional mapmaking history, how and why we created Opengeofiction, and how the project is currently developing. We will also highlight some of the technical challenges we encountered.

Employing the OSM software has taken our fictional mapmaking to a whole new level, not only for practical reasons, but also because it has allowed us to transform a somewhat solitary hobby into a collaborative activity within a growing community. While at a first glance Opengeofiction might look like a miniature version of the Openstreetmap project itself, there are also some key differences. We will explain why we consider the OSM software stack to be generally very well suited for a project like ours, but also discuss the areas where it does not quite fit as well.

We're looking forward to present the Opengeofiction project on the SotM-EU conference and we hope that we'll give an interesting input about how the OSM software can be used in a rather unconventional way. And we will show you some far away countries where you’ve never been before.

About the author

Thilo Stapff has always been fascinated by maps, real or imaginary. Studied Mathematics. Works as software developer in Frankfurt/Main. Created Opengeofiction.

Johannes Bouchain, interested in (imaginary) cartography since childhood. Studied urban planning. Works as web designer and urban planner in Hamburg. Co-founder of Opengeofiction.