Yubin Kuang

Mapillary - the missing view of the planet

an update on the state of the street


We want to create a photo representation of the world, a map with photos of every place on Earth. Current street view alternatives have so many limitations from the fact that they are created using cars with camera rigs, focusing on streets. There are many places on this planet that they will never get to, and even the places they do get to will not get updated as often as you might want them to. Together we can fix that. Also, Mapillary wants to provide the image data to OSM for enhancing that data. We need help in choosing the right license for the images!

Yubin is going to talk about the technical and some of the legal aspects of the system and give some insights into the possible use cases and some existing (after just a few months) interesting usage.

About the author

Yubin Kuang is a Co-founder of Mapillary. He is interested in large scale 3D structure from motion and data mining on geo-tagged images, and has a PhD in Applied Mathematics with a focus on computer vision and image analysis. 15+ peer-reviewed publications.


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