Ilya Zverev

I've Bought a Car for Mapping, Now What?

First: glue an "OpenStreetMap" sticker to it


The author focuses on field mapping: collecting data on the move, both on passenger seat with a notebook, and behind the wheel, when you cannot spare a second to look away from the road. There will be a history of attempts at mapping as much as possible, sometimes with large-scale projects and examples of what commercial providers can do.

Entering data in OpenStreetMap is also a major problem: it has to be easy to be done on large scale. The topic affects mapping on feet and on bicycle, since the concepts developed will affect field mapping in general.

Finally, the main question: do you really need a 4x4 jeep for mapping Russia?

The words accompanying the slides are available as a separate PDF.

About the author

Ilya Zverev (Zverik) is a long time mapper who likes to go outside. He's the editor of SHTOSM, a Russian OSM news blog, and an organizer of some mapping parties and conferences.