Jan Marsch

OSM Buildings

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I'll give you an introduction to OSM Buildings, a project to visualize OpenStreetMap building geometry in modern web browsers. You'll learn what its render modes are and how easily it integrates with existing web map engines.

And if you are familiar with the project already, there are a lot new data sources to discover and user interaction got a big step forward.

Furthermore I’ll explain how OSM Buildings compares to similar projects and where it stands out. For future plans, you'll see why there won't be another gray 3d blocks engine.

About the author

Jan Marsch is from Berlin, Germany and has been a software engineer for desktop and mobile web applications for about 16 years. By doing some projects for Nokia Maps five years ago, he got addicted to maps. His technical focus is on JavaScript, HTML5, Canvas, REST, PHP and databases. Other strenghts are entrepreneural thinking, performance optimization and user experience. He is happy working with small companies but also did long term projects for Here, Daimler, Bayer, Deutsche Lufthansa and TNT.